With well-known and recognised know-how in the field of automation and industrial computing, SYGA ÉLECTRONIQUE relies on its flexibility and responsiveness to be able to deal with the most specific requests.
In certain situations, our team can even participate in defining the specifications, when the technical demand expressed appears to be unique and restrictive.
Based on trust and listening to each other, our relationship with our partners always involves meeting the original goals.

In order to continue its progress and always be proactive and solution-oriented, SYGA ÉLECTRONIQUE regularly integrates new employees as part of an ambitious and friendly HR policy (permanent employment contracts, working conditions, opportunities after an internship or apprenticeship, etc.).

An asset to make SYGA ÉLECTRONIQUE the partner of the industry of the future, of Factory 4.0.


SYGA responds to all your requests, mobilising its expertise and experience.

Design and development of special machines

Industrial computing

Automation and wiring

Integration of automation and servo-controls

Retrofitting of old machine tools



  • Although skills and the industrial environment have evolved considerably since 1987, SYGA ÉLECTRONIQUE remains faithful to its original commitment, that of supporting the customer in their project from start to end.

  • In France, as elsewhere in Europe or even around the world, everything always starts with a detailed audit to collect the necessary information and data.

  • It is only after this essential phase that a solution can be developed under the responsibility of a project lead engineer.

  • On-site commissioning, both in the Paris region and in China, as well as the maintenance of our equipment, guarantees a complete operational solution.

  • This allows SYGA ÉLECTRONIQUE to provide its partners with a turnkey solution, whatever their original problem.

A team in tune with
the industry of the future




Executive assistant, accountant, administrative management


Head of the Design Office


Sales Manager


Automation Engineer


Electrical engineer


Automation Engineer


Automation Engineer

From technical expertise to responsiveness,
a unique process for devising solutions to optimise industrial processes
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