january 2022

Expansion of SYGA and its know-how across the world, international ambition for the year 2022.

june 2021

SYGA joins French industry under the umbrella of the blue rooster – French Fab.


The company is registered with DataDock as a training organisation in order to help our clients improve their technical skills.


Development of an automation standardisation software, configurable for several types of machines.


We retrofitted a production bench for EDF.


We carried out a large-scale project for China: an 11-metre long machine for manufacturing a sub-assembly used in the production of helicopter blades.

mai 2018

Establishment of the company in Taverny in Val d’Oise in Ile-de-France. New premises of over 400 m², equipped with a 5-ton overhead crane.

avril 1987

Founding of SYGA Electronique.
Specialised in the technical aspects of industrial automation and the integration of servo control systems.